Over 76 million households around the world have watched Lupine on Netflix since January.

A record.

Friday, five new episodes of the adventures of Assane Diop, played by Omar Sy, will be available.

The director of French original series at Netflix France, Damien Couvreur, answered Philippe Vandel's questions on Thursday on Europe 1. 

It is a worldwide success.

The Netflix series Lupine, carried by Omar Sy, has exceeded 76 million views worldwide and entered the top 10 American series of the most watched series on the platform.

So the second part of the first season of this detective series is eagerly awaited.

In the whole world.

Pending its release on Friday, the director of French original series at Netflix France, Damien Couvreur, was invited to Culture-Médias on Europe 1.

"The book is also the star of the series!"

Tens of millions of views and more than 140,000 copies of books by Maurice Leblanc, the creator of Arsène Lupine sold in France.

There is no doubt about the triumph of the series.

But why is she such a hit?

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In Lupine, Omar Sy plays Assane Diop, a man passionate about the famous thief of fiction.

A cheerful, talkative, whimsical character, a thief, but who does not kill.

“At the beginning, it's the series of a character. I think that in the keys of the success of the series, there is this endearing character, that we can identify with. He has charm and launches us in a big way. adventure, "says Damien Couvreur.

For him, the series also highlights a certain French heritage with the story of Maurice Leblanc.

“This book is also the star of the series!” He exclaims.

The action also takes place in one of the symbols of French culture: the Louvre museum.

Diversity on screen 

This series is also praised for its consideration of diversity on the screen. "There was really the idea of ​​saying to yourself: who would Arsène Lupine be today?", Assures Damien Couvreur. This desire is found in the writing of the gentleman (-brioleur 2.0. For the director of original French series at Netflix France, Assane Diop "is someone that we do not see at the start. He will know how to turn this invisibility back like his superpower to be able to rob the rich. "This character is also driven by the desire to" re-establish the truth about his family history. "His father" has been cheated and he wants to pass on this family heritage to his son. " .