In a court ruling that Akutagawa Prize-winning writer Mieko Kawakami made a post suggesting the murder, the Tokyo District Court told the poster that "the post is illegal because it is intended to harm life and body." I ordered compensation of over 10,000 yen.

Mieko Kawakami, a writer who won the Akutagawa Prize for "Breasts and Eggs", was killed in 2018 by saying "I have to do it, I'm sorry" or "Always sharpen and prepare" on the bulletin board on the Internet. He sued the poster woman for having an impact such as canceling the appearance of the event after being posted to hint at.

At the trial, the poster argued that he "did not intimidate" and argued.

In the ruling, Hideki Kanazawa, the judge of the Tokyo District Court, said, "The content of the post implies that he intends to kill Mr. Kawakami at the event and is preparing for it. Posting is illegal. "

After that, we ordered the poster to compensate for more than 3.2 million yen, including compensation and damages caused by canceling the appearance at the event.

Mr. Kawakami "This kind of perpetrator is absolutely unacceptable."

Regarding the judgment, Mieko Kawakami said, "Many people are still suffering from slander and intimidation, which is a serious social problem that affects the lives and deaths of people. I think it will set a precedent for being held accountable and punished. We will continue to make sure that society as a whole is willing to give in to all threats and that such perpetrators are absolutely unacceptable. I need to. "