Regarding the state of emergency, which is due on the 20th of this month, Mayor Matsui of Osaka City said that if the infection situation and medical system improved, it should be canceled in the 20th, and in that case, it will be closed or shortened. He expressed the idea that measures such as requests need to be relaxed to some extent.

In Osaka Prefecture, due to the declaration of emergency, measures such as requesting closure of restaurants that serve alcoholic beverages, weekend closure of large-scale facilities, and requesting shorter working hours on weekdays are being taken, and the deadline for declaration is 10. As we approach the 20th of this month, the focus is on the response of the prefecture and the government.

At a press conference, Mayor Matsui of Osaka City said, "I think everyone wants to forgive only the re-extension. The number of newly infected people and the status of beds are entering" Stage 3 ". However, since vaccination is spreading, I think that discussions on cancellation will be discussed in Osaka Prefecture around next week. I hope to finish it by the deadline of 20 days. "

On top of that, "If a certain number of positive people can be supported in the medical system, the provision of alcohol and business hours should be relaxed. Otherwise, business will not be possible. , Regulations and restrictions should be relaxed, "he said, and said that if the declaration was lifted, measures such as leave of absence and requests for shorter working hours would need to be relaxed to some extent.