Kitamoto City, Saitama Prefecture, has introduced a new system that automatically monitors the temperature of the freezer, as there are a number of cases in which the vaccine for the new coronavirus is discarded due to inadequate temperature control.

In Kitamoto City, vaccinations have been carried out for residents of facilities for the elderly since the 7th of last month, but a new system was introduced this month to prevent disposal due to mistakes in temperature control.

The temperature display of the four freezers that store the vaccine is taken every minute with a camera and read with dedicated software, which saves the staff from having to look around regularly and keeps the temperature on a computer at a remote location. It means that you can check it.

Also, if an abnormality is confirmed, multiple persons in charge will be notified by e-mail at the same time.

Mamoru Nozawa, chief of the Kitamoto City Health Promotion Division, said, "We would like to use this system to manage vaccines appropriately and continue to build an environment where citizens can be vaccinated with peace of mind."

Check with your own list in Sumida-ku, Tokyo

On the other hand, with the vaccination of the new corona virus, a series of mistakes have been made in various places regarding vaccination and storage, and in Sumida Ward, Tokyo, we have begun an initiative to check whether vaccination is being carried out properly at the mass vaccination site.

Regarding the new corona vaccine, there are a series of mistakes in various places, such as vaccination with a low concentration and accidental disposal of the storage method.

For this reason, Sumida Ward has created its own list of about 50 items and has begun efforts to check whether inoculation is being carried out properly.

The staff of the ward, who usually manages hygiene at the clinic, is appointed as an inspector to check, and on the 10th, the inoculators are paired at the mass inoculation site set up at the ward office, and the refrigerator where the vaccine is stored is stored. I checked that the temperature was set to an appropriate level and that the plug of the outlet was not easily pulled out.

In addition, since mistakes have been made in inoculating the saline solution used to dilute the vaccine, it is possible to prevent mistakes such as whether the vaccine container is properly managed and inoculation twice without intervals. Therefore, I also checked whether the checkup slip was thoroughly checked.

According to Sumida Ward, there are four mass inoculation venues in the ward and no mistakes have occurred, but as the number of people targeted for inoculation will increase in the future, unannounced inspections will be conducted on a regular basis. is.

Satomi Murata, Chief of the Sumida Ward Living Hygiene Division, said, "I think we need to tighten ourselves here because mistakes are occurring all over the country. I think that if you can receive the vaccination with peace of mind, it will lead to the end of Corona. "