Egypt..105 couples baladi bathroom in Sobhia Aries

The bride's family presented a "morning" gift of 105 pairs of a baladi bath to the groom's family after the wedding night.

Egyptian newspapers and "Russia Today" quoted Khaled Saad El-Din, a resident of the Al-Khouli district in the city of Deshna, north of Qena Governorate, as saying that the habit of the municipal stuffed pigeon on the morning is fixed and well established from ancient times.

He added that they were inherited from father to grandfather and applied by the poor before the rich, and the family, adults and children in the region consider it the value and dignity of their married daughter.

He stated that in the event of a decrease in the number of bathrooms, the bride is exposed to bullying among her peers from the region, so the family is keen to complete it.

He added: "The family or the family of the girl who is about to get married, is keen, days before marriage, to buy the municipal bathroom even before the bride's device, and the agreement is made with a merchant or farmer, or they buy it from certain people known with certain specifications in terms of quality and size, and the bathroom is prepared before the wedding. ".

He stated that the number of pairs of municipal pigeons is 105, which does not detract from anything, and this single number was set by adults in the past, explaining that the high prices and increased costs have reduced the number of pigeon pairs now to 70, with 36 in the morning, 14 on the third day of marriage and 20 on the seventh day.

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