China News Service, Xiong’an, June 10, title: Demystifying the construction of underground Xiong’an: "hidden" underground substations and water plants

  China News Agency reporter Cui Tao

  In Xiong'an New District, Hebei, rational development and utilization of underground space has become an important construction idea for this "city of the future".

Walking into the Rongdong area of ​​the Xiongan New District under construction, the hidden underground substations and water plants are integrated with the surrounding environment, providing exploration experience for the development and utilization of underground space in Chinese cities.

  The 110 kV power transmission and transformation project in Hexi is the first power grid project to be constructed in the Xiong'an New District. The substation will provide power to the residents and commercial clusters in the Rongdong area.

As the first sunken courtyard-type substation in Xiong'an New District, the three-dimensional layout of the substation is perfectly integrated with the urban landscape and facilities, forming a well-developed and well-defined three-dimensional structure.

  "People don't come here to think that this is a substation, but a small park." said Qiao Jun, the project manager of the Hexi 110kV power transmission and transformation project of the State Grid Hebei Construction Company.

  According to Qiao Jun, the 110 kV substation in Hexi has four floors, one on the ground and three underground.

There are only stairwells, elevators and ventilation shafts on the ground. Various bridges form a pedestrian walking route. From bottom to top, the three underground floors are the cable interlayer, the second underground floor is the main equipment room, and the underground floor is the secondary equipment room. .

  Stepping into the 110 kV substation in Hexi, hidden underground, the fair-faced concrete walls, light strips inlaid on the ground, sound-absorbing wall panels, and anti-static raised floors make this substation very technological.

  “I can’t see the iron tower erecting high-voltage lines here. All the lines are connected to residential areas and commercial gathering areas through underground pipe corridors. The wall panels in the equipment room have the function of sound absorption and noise reduction, and the anti-static raised floor can prevent static electricity. , To improve the safety of the substation." Qiao Jun said.

  According to Qiao Jun, the substation has achieved the first in the country in many aspects. It is the first sunken courtyard-type substation in China. It adopts the highest international standards during the construction process. The buildings are all made of fair-faced concrete technology, which is compared with the domestic substations of the same scale. The energy consumption is the lowest, and a rainwater storage tank is also set up.

"After the substation is put into use, intelligent robots will be used for automatic inspection, without staff on duty."

  In the Rongdong area of ​​the Xiongan New District, there is also a water supply plant-No. 1 Water Supply Plant in the Starting District, which is also "hidden" underground.

Here, a brick red building is hidden in a large green lawn.

As the first water purification plant project in the new district, the No. 1 water supply plant in the starting area of ​​the Xiongan New District undertakes the responsibility of water supply for residents in the Rongdong area and the starting area of ​​the Xiongan New District.

  "The project itself adopts the design concept of de-factory design. The landscape design combines the surrounding topography and land use characteristics, and integrates the water plant with the surrounding environment through the construction of the landscape topography." China State Construction Installation Group Xiong'an New District No. 1 Water Supply Plant Project Said Zhao Yongsheng, the person in charge of technology.

  According to reports, the water source of the water plant mainly comes from the Middle Route of the South-to-North Water Diversion Project. The water purification process adopts the method of "pre-ozone + conventional water treatment + ozone biological activated carbon + membrane treatment". The ultrafiltration membrane technology can make the water quality reach bottled. Pure water standard.

At the same time, the water purification pool and other equipment of the water plant are hidden underground. Through measures such as space closure, seepage prevention, sound insulation, and noise reduction, the entire water purification process is quietly completed in closed pools underground, which reduces waste and reduces Impact on residents.

  After the No. 1 water supply plant in the starting area is put into operation, the daily production scale will reach 150,000 tons, and the quality of the effluent will be higher than the national standard for drinking water. This will ensure that the 170,000 residents in Rongdong area can use high-quality drinking water and further improve the urban water supply network. , To help the green ecological development of Xiongan New District.