A restaurant hangs 2 million dollars on its walls

A local restaurant in Pensacola, Florida has gained fame for its quirky decor, unique in the world.

The restaurant's decor is characterized by the presence of banknotes valued at about two million dollars hanging on its ceiling and walls, prompting many visitors to come to it for food and drinks.

This unique decor dates back to 1977 when married couple Martin and Molly McGuire decided to open their small restaurant, when the wife who was serving customers received her first tip, a dollar bill.

And then the couple decided to celebrate the first "tipping" they got by signing it and putting it inside a string hanging in the ceiling of a restaurant, but that matter later turned into an obsession for them to decide to do so with every "tipping" they get as long as a banknote can be hung on the wall or the ceiling of the pub.

In an interview with the "Chicago Tribune", Martin said that many banknotes were hung in the ceiling and walls of the 15,000-square-foot bar.

He said that he deals with the "money pending" on the assets of the restaurant and through which he can obtain financial loans against their guarantee.