Chinanews, Foshan, June 9th, title: Special examination room under the epidemic: 20 candidates from Guangzhou completed the college entrance examination in Foshan

  Author Cheng Jingwei Chen Siying

  On the afternoon of June 9, about 30 minutes before the end of the college entrance examination, the parents of the candidates waiting for the candidates were welcomed outside the test center of Nanhai Yanbu Vocational School in Foshan, Guangdong for the first time.

"Because of the epidemic, there was no way to send the child to the test room when the test started. Today, it is considered to be made up." Ms. Liu, who lives in Yanbu, came to wait outside the test center.

  This year, Nanhai, Foshan, set up 12 college entrance examination sites, and added 3 alternate test sites, of which Yanbu Vocational School test site is the most special.

“There are only 20 candidates in this test site, and they are all Guangzhou candidates living in Nanhai." Wu Dejun, deputy director of the Nanhai Yanbu Police Station, who is responsible for the security work of the test site, introduced that 20 candidates were affected by this round of the epidemic due to the closure and management of the community. It was inconvenient to return to Guangzhou to take the test due to reasons such as traffic control, and the closed test room. After the coordination of the education departments of Guangzhou and Foshan, the alternate isolation test center of Yanbu Vocational School was finally opened.

  In the context of the current epidemic, the local police have done their best to escort candidates for the college entrance examination for days.

On the morning of June 6, at the Yanbu Hedong Village Committee, 20 Guangzhou candidates got on the bus after undergoing the nucleic acid test. Police cars and iron horses cleared the road, escorted the candidates all the way to the examination room and moved into the spare dormitory on campus in advance.

  In order to deal with the boarding and lodging problems of these students during the exam, Yanbu Vocational School installed air-conditioning in the spare dormitory overnight, and used the 200-square-meter front office and coffee training room of the hotel management major as a self-study room for candidates. For single-seater use.

  At 7 o'clock in the morning on June 7, the traffic control section around the test site of Yanbu Vocational School began to be closed. Traffic police placed water horses at the east and west ends of the road opposite the school gate 50 meters away from the entrance of the test site.

"This is our first line of defense for the security of the college entrance examination." Traffic police officer Guan Weilin said that they are also responsible for clearing the vehicles parked around the test site, diverting the surrounding traffic, and creating a quiet test environment for candidates.

  In addition, the police also patrolled the surrounding areas of the examination room, dispatched the police to deal with emergencies as soon as possible, and made every effort to ensure the order and stability of the surrounding areas of the examination room.

During the exam, the school gate also pulled up a cordon, and a warning sign of "examination room restricted area" was erected at the door.

  "It is the first time that Yanbu Vocational School has been set up as a college entrance examination examination room. It is also the first time for me to participate in the college entrance examination security. It is quite destined." In the past few days, the weather in Foshan has been very hot, and the maximum outdoor temperature is close to 35 degrees Celsius. Wu Dejun's police uniform I was soaked in sweat many times.

In this regard, he said, "No matter how hard it is, we must ensure that these 20 candidates have a smooth college entrance examination."

  "I am the'bodyguard' of the test paper, and I must guard every step of the way." At the Yanbu Vocational School test site, the "guard" is Liu Tiangui, a policeman from the Yanbu Police Station.

Since the evening of June 6th, he has lived in the arranged hotel. From the first day of the college entrance examination on the 7th, he has to get up at 5 am every day and is responsible for assisting in the transportation, storage, distribution, and recovery of test papers. He is busy until 8 at night. Time to return to the hotel to rest.

"The nerves have been very nervous these few days, and I haven't had a solid sleep." Liu Tiangui said.

  On the afternoon of June 9, the Guangzhou candidates who completed the "Life Test" at the Nanhai Yanbu Vocational School test center calmly walked out of the test room with the bell sounded at the end of the test. They bowed and thanked the police assistants on duty at the test center.

The police assistants saluted the candidates and sent them the most sincere blessings.

  "This is the most memorable and warmest exam for me." Xiao Chen is a senior in a high school in Guangzhou. Affected by the epidemic, a certain community in Dali, Nanhai, where he lives, is under control and cannot return to Guangzhou to take the exam. Exam, "Although it's a bit regretful, I feel very warm to see so many people busy taking the exam. Thank you very much."

  "It was really mad at the beginning." A parent who came to pick up the candidates said that he was still anxious that his child could not return to Guangzhou to take the college entrance examination. When he was in a hurry, Foshan threw an olive branch. At that moment, I had a new understanding of'Guangfo City'." (End)