If you are not afraid of spoilers (or disclosure in VF), Netflix has decided to unveil the titles of the episodes of the third season of

Umbrella Academy


On the occasion of

Geeked Week

, dedicated to all the geek universes of the streaming platform, fans were able to discover the 10 titles of the episodes of the continuation of the adventures of the team / family of superheroes.

The episodes will therefore be titled, as announced by the Netflix Geeked Twitter account: 

Meet the Family


World's Biggest Ball of Twine


Pocket Full of Lightning




Kindest Cut




Auf Wiedersehen


Wedding at the End of the World


Six Bells

 and finally



As the series focuses on the heroes' efforts to prevent the end of the world, the fact that the last episode is titled


, meaning


in French, does not bode well for them. characters!

A spectacle

The Umbrella Academy

is one of Netflix's biggest recent cards, so much so that the broadcaster has renewed the program for a third season (an achievement when you see the number of series that Netflix cancels after one or two seasons) last November. Season 2, broadcast four months earlier, had been viewed, according to official figures, by more than 43 million households. The series is the 6th most watched on Netflix in 2020.

At the moment, no specific date has been announced for this season 3, but there is no doubt that it too will be watched by many fans.

This will be the first season shot since Elliot Page, one of the stars of the program, announced his transidentity.

The actor recently said he has never felt happier and more in tune with himself after his mastectomy.


Lindsay Lohan is back on camera ... Elliot Page shares a photo of him smiling at the pool ...


Elliot Page finally feels in tune with his image

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