Inspired by Norse mythology, the character of Loki appeared in the Marvel universe in 1962. The God of Malice appears, played by the brilliant Tom Hiddleston, in the MCU in 2011 in the original story of Kenneth Branagh dedicated to his brother adoptive, Thor.

He dies for the first time in 

Thor: The Dark World

in 2013, saved by the audience from test screenings who refuse to believe that he would not return one way or another ... First, antagonist of the Avengers, he allies with his adopted brother in

Thor: Ragnarok



Avengers: Infinity War

, Loki dies from Thanos' glove.

A tragedy for the fans.

He reappears during a short cameo in

Avengers: Endgame


It is an understatement to say that his fans are waiting for the first episode of

Loki, a

new Marvel Studios series available on Disney +

this Wednesday


And good news, after the 23 films of the MCU, the phenomenal


and the efficient

Falcon and the Winter Soldier,

Marvel Studios are still succeeding in changing the game and inventing a whole new universe as captivating as it is teeming.

A new life for Loki


Infinity War

, Loki was indeed killed by Thanos. But remember, in 


, during the time travel of the Avengers in the midst of the battle of New York to retrieve the Tesseract, we see Loki vanish with the precious cube. “Loki disappears and we don't mention what happens to him at the end of this movie. At that time, we did not know that there would be Disney +, nor this series ”, explains Kevin Feige in a virtual press conference which

20 Minutes


When Kevin Feige asks Tom Hiddleston to re-thread the God of Malice horns, the British actor feels "a combination of pleasure and surprise." “His end in Avengers Infinity War seemed final to me,” he continues. The Disney series therefore features the Loki of the 2012 alternate reality who battled with the Tesseract. He's alive and well, but where has he gone? What will he do with the powerful cosmic cube?

Well, the answer is in the opening minutes of Loki that Disney + unveiled on Tuesday.

He is caught by the Tribunal des Variations Anachroniques (or TVA,

Time Variance Authority

in English), an organization in charge of settling temporal anomalies, in short, a kind of police, which chases those who try "name of Zeus" to upset "The space-time continuum", as Doc would say in

Back to the Future


An unprecedented situation for Loki

Loki portrays a God of Mischief as never before seen.

"What I love about the series is that Loki finds himself stripped of everything familiar to him: Thor is not near him, Asgard is far away, the Avengers, for now, are not in the game.

He is stripped of his status and power… Outside of all that, who is he?

What makes Loki, Loki?

“, Analyzes Tom Hiddleston.

Let Loki fans rest assured, even in this unprecedented situation, he loses neither his playfulness, nor his spontaneity, nor this innate sense of malice, nor his vulnerability.

You are guaranteed that the new situation offers "opportunities for chaos and fun", as screenwriter Michael Waldron points out.

A whole new world for Loki

Loki will discover, at the same time as the spectator, the meanders of the TVA, an organization which does not laugh with the bureaucracy.

The occasion for scenes as absurd as they are hilarious which are reminiscent of the quirky humor

of Terry Gilliam's



And there is no doubt that you will succumb to the charm of the sumptuous retro seventies decorations of the TVA.

Brand new characters

Alongside Tom Hiddleston, three newcomers to the MCU, Owen Wilson, alias Mobius, a VAT agent - who has a little Hutch side of

Starsky and Hutch

, casting obliges - Gugu Mbatha-Raw who plays the relentless judge Renslayer in charge of the Loki case, and Wunmi Mosaku as the suspicious Hunter B-15.

"Before the shoot, Tom generously and patiently explained to me all the mythology of the MCU and Loki, what we call the Loki conference," Owen Wilson laughs.

Knowledge necessary because Mobius “is an expert on Loki.

He knows more about Loki than Loki ”.

Between Mobius and the God of Malice, the relationship is “always a kind of game of chess.

»The exchanges between Mobius and Loki are delicious and the alchemy of the duo formed by Owen Wilson and Tom Hiddleston sparks.

The most important series in the MCU?

The first two episodes of the series directed by Kate Herron and scripted by Michael Waldron are funny, eerie, captivating and visually powerful. 


thus explores a new facet of the Marvel universe which we can not wait to see the sequel.

“She's incredibly important.

It will undoubtedly have more impact than all the previous series ”, announced Kevin Feige, in an interview with the American media



As Loki tackles notions of the multiverse and the impact of time travel, one can speculate that she could change the fate of the entire Marvel Universe!


Disney +: Loki will be the first gender fluid character in the Marvel universe


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