China News Service, Shenyang, June 9th (Han Hong) "The 7th Shenyang Cultural and Creative Products Exhibition" and the theme activity of "Good City, Cultural, Creative and Good Life in the Palace" was launched on the 9th in the Shenyang Forbidden City. The exhibition was assembled The cultural and creative products of many cultural and cultural institutions such as the Imperial Palace in Shenyang have been released, allowing the public to bring home the "Shengjing Culture".

  The Shenyang Cultural and Creative Products Exhibition is hosted by the Shenyang Museum and undertaken by the Shenyang Palace Museum. It has been held for seven consecutive times. The theme of the event in 2021 is "There is a good city, cultural and creative life in the palace." Cultural and creative products to enhance Shenyang’s popularity and cultural taste, and establish a good urban cultural image.

  According to reports, this event brought together the cultural and creative products of many cultural and cultural institutions such as Shenyang Xinle Site Museum, Shenyang Palace Museum, Shenyang Zhang’s Mansion Museum, Shenyang "September 18th" History Museum, etc., covering prehistoric culture, Qing Dynasty Culture, the culture of the Republic of China, the culture of the War of Resistance against Japan, etc., allow tourists to gather the "Shengjing Gifts" in one stop and take the "Shengjing Culture" home.

  On the same day, the Luduan emoticon package of the Shenyang Palace Museum was "online" on the WeChat emoticon side simultaneously. Su Yang, deputy curator of the Shenyang Palace Museum, shared the creative background of the Luduan emoticon package and his thoughts on the combination of cultural innovation and new communication modes.

Su Yang said that this set of emoticons has a total of 24 styles, which are designed to extend the current communication skills commonly used by audiences. For example, persimmon wishfulness, approval, goodbye, etc., all have a strong emotional color, which makes the image of Lu Duan more powerful. Three-dimensional and vivid, the Luduan of the Shenyang Forbidden City has become a favorite and collection exchange "rich beast".

  Li Shengneng, curator of the Shenyang Palace Museum, said that in recent years, the Shenyang Palace Museum has developed more than a thousand cultural and creative products with cultural elements of the Shenyang Palace Museum, allowing history and culture to be spread more effectively.

  In addition, the theme market of "the palace has a good city, cultural, creative and good life" is being carried out simultaneously. The market integrates museum cultural creation, handicrafts and intangible heritage techniques, combining historical culture with modern craftsmanship, and closely follows the "inheritance". The concept of "and innovation" shows the vitality and innovation of the museum's future development.

  This event will last until the end of the Dragon Boat Festival holiday on June 14th, during which a series of activities such as "Shengjing Gongxue" cultural experience courses and "Cultural Innovation in the Palace" will also be held.