A 19-year-old German was apparently detained, abused and abused by two men for two years in Cesano, northwest of Rome.

As the Italian police reported on Tuesday, the then still underage girl came to Italy with her now 29-year-old friend of Pakistani origin from Germany.

In Cesano di Roma, the woman initially moved into a rented apartment with her partner, into which his 36-year-old friend - also from Pakistan - moved a little later.

According to the police, the older of the two Pakistanis has a comprehensive criminal record.

According to the police, the young woman was held in the apartment by the two men, repeatedly abused and sexually abused.

Matthias Rüb

Political correspondent for Italy, the Vatican, Albania and Malta based in Rome.

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    On May 27, the woman finally managed to escape from the apartment.

    On the street she alerted passers-by, from whom she was brought to the Carabinieri station.

    The two suspected men were arrested shortly afterwards in the apartment.

    An examining magistrate has meanwhile extended pre-trial detention for the two Pakistanis because of the seriousness of the alleged crime and the risk of fleeing.

    Evidence of homicide in another case

    Meanwhile, in another case of violent crimes against a young woman, evidence of a homicide is growing. The public prosecutor of Reggio Emilia is convinced that 18-year-old Saman A., whose family also comes from Pakistan, was murdered on behalf of her parents. Investigators suspect that the young woman's body was buried in the fields of the village of Novellara in the province of Reggio Emilia. The area around the house where the girl's family lived has been searched with radars for days. "The search for the remains of Samans, who unfortunately we consider deceased, continues," said the investigating prosecutor Isabella Chiesi on Tuesday.

    According to the Italian authorities, the young woman was to be forcibly married to a relative in Pakistan, but defied her parents' orders.

    Saman A. disappeared at the end of April.

    On Monday, the public prosecutor's office published recordings from a surveillance camera from April 29, showing three dark-clad figures with a shovel, spade and other tools to dig towards the fields.

    The men return after two and a half hours.

    According to Italian media reports, a member of the extended family said during an interrogation that he was convinced that Saman had been strangled by an uncle.

    According to the information, a short message sent on the suspect's mobile phone reads: "We did the job well."

    The parents of the missing woman, the uncle suspected of executing the killing warrant, and two cousins ​​of Saman A. are charged with jointly committed murder. Except for one of Saman A.'s cousins, who was arrested in Nimes, France, all suspects have gone into hiding. The parents of the missing young woman flew to Pakistan in early May. The investigators are convinced that the uncle and the second cousin are hiding in Italy.