China News Service, Lishui, June 7 (Fan Yubin and Dong Yixin) "The loyal and brave She family, the sincere She family doctor, the red star in front of you, take a closer look and think carefully..." On the evening of the 6th, he will participate in the sixth national repertoire as the sole representative of Zhejiang Province. The large-scale original national opera "Sheshan Dawn" performed by ethnic minorities was staged at the Shanha Grand Theater in Jingning She Autonomous County, Lishui City.

The opera is adapted from real history and tells the blood and blood relationship between the She people and the Red Army in the revolutionary era.

  The curtain rose, the lights dimmed, and accompanied by the sound of the national orchestra, the time came to the Second Civil Revolutionary War. In response to the transfer of the main Red Army troops, the Red Army anti-Japanese advance team was organized to go north to fight against Japan. After several setbacks, the rest of the country was formed into China. The Workers' and Peasants' Red Army advanced into the division, and under the leadership of Su Yu and Liu Ying, entered southwestern Zhejiang and persisted in three years of arduous guerrilla warfare.

Large-scale original national opera "Dawn of Sheshan Mountain" courtesy of Dong Yixin

  "After fully understanding the historical facts, we divided "Dawn of Sheshan Mountain" into "Birthday", "Rejecting the Red", "Exploring the Red", "Recognizing the Red", "Taking Salt", "Going Home", "Love the Red" and "Dawn" in eight acts. "The screenwriter Chen Jing said, "The first four acts tell the first acquaintances and first impressions of the She people and the Red Army advancing division, and the fifth and sixth scenes tell the Red Army advancing division and the She people fighting the salt tyrant together, in order to protect the Red Army She people fighting for wits and bravery The last two scenes tell the story of the Red Army’s advancing division and the She people who established a family-like military and civilian love, and ushered in the dawn of Sheshan together."

  The story of "Sheshan Dawn" comes from She Township, and the creation should take root in She Township.

"She is a nation with only language but no written words, and the folk songs of the She ethnic group are also a national intangible cultural heritage." Conductor Chen Xuan said, "After learning that the She ethnic group likes to express their best wishes with folk songs, we decided to integrate the She ethnic group music into the entire opera. in."

  In terms of accompaniment, the accompaniment of the national orchestra was chosen; in the interpretation of the opera, the Qing record section of the folk songs of the She nationality was added.

"The melody of the folk songs of the She nationality has a specific scale order. When you listen to it, you will know that it is a national music, rich in the characteristics of the She township." Chen Laxuan said.

Large-scale original national opera "Dawn of Sheshan Mountain" courtesy of Dong Yixin

  "We not only added the elements of She nationality folk songs in the creation of "Sheshan Dawn", but also integrated the She nationality culture and customs in the opera interpretation." Director Jiang Xinguang told reporters, "When we were gathering in Jingning, we learned that the She nationality had customs. We can't kill cats, dogs, or snakes, so we put this collision between She and Han cultures and customs in the content of the opera."

  For example, Liu Ting, the advancing division of the Red Army, expressed the Red Army’s respect for the customs and habits of the She nationality with the words "The team marched into the Sheshan Mountains, the customs of the She family have been explained earlier, the custom is the fire of the Shanha tradition, and the belief is the soul of a nation".

  "The cultural respect and cultural identity between the She nationality and the Han nationality, the Red Army and the people laid the foundation for the later She nationality people’s dedication to the Red Army’s consideration and the sublimation of military-civilian emotions. The true situation reached." Jiang Xinguang said, "Respect and identification are the attitudes of the Han people towards the different customs and cultures of various ethnic groups."

Photo by She Yao Po Qin Xuan

  "Cultural identity is the deepest level of identity, the root of national unity and the soul of national harmony." said Bao Xiuying, deputy director of the United Front Work Department of Zhejiang Provincial Party Committee and director of the Zhejiang Provincial Civil Affairs Commission. Wealthy Demonstration Zone, creating more national cultural masterpieces with Chinese characteristics, era characteristics, and Zhejiang characteristics, providing cultural assistance for the construction of "important windows"."

  It is reported that the large-scale original national opera "Dawn of She Mountain" was created by Jingning She Autonomous County. This is an excellent work of the She nationality that has once again appeared on the Chinese stage on behalf of Zhejiang Province after "Millennium Mountain Ha" and "She Niang".