Regarding the large-scale vaccination center for the new coronavirus vaccine set up by the government, the Ministry of Defense vaccinated more than 170,000 people in both Tokyo and Osaka venues in the two weeks from the 24th to the 6th of last month. Was announced.

At the large-scale inoculation center of the government, it is necessary to familiarize the staff at the beginning of the opening, so after halving the reservation frame on the first day to half the maximum number of people who can inoculate, we will gradually increase it, and by the 30th of last month 1 In the week, we inoculated more than 67,000 people in Tokyo and Osaka combined.

And from last Monday, 31st, we set up the largest reservation frame that can accommodate about 15,000 people a day in Tokyo and Osaka, and 71,641 people in Tokyo in the week up to 6th. In Osaka, 34,867 people, a total of 106,508 people, were inoculated.

As a result, in the two weeks since the establishment, 115,372 people were inoculated in Tokyo and 58,452 people in Osaka, and the total number of inoculations at both venues was 173,824.

On the other hand, in the last two weeks, 14 people in Tokyo and 2 people in Osaka have been transported by emergency after complaining of poor physical condition after vaccination, for a total of 16 people.

It means that no one has been hospitalized.