In the spotlight: the new momentum of the German conservatives in the race to succeed Merkel

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Angela Merkel speaks at a press conference she gave on June 2, 2021 in Berlin.

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The CDU triumphs and keeps the far right at bay 

", headlines

Le Soir,

which hails the victory of the German conservatives in Saxony-Anhalt, in what was the " 

last test electoral ballot less than four months before the general elections 

", which September will mark the end of Angela Merkel's reign after 16 years in power.

We can therefore win elections on the right by defending a cordon sanitaire against the extreme right 

", further underlines the Belgian daily following the example of the German press which considers that " 

this victory is very good news for Armin Laschet, l 'unpopular head of the CDU 


But it should not be resting on its laurels 

", warns the

Suddeutsche Zeitung

for whom " 

Laschet and the centrist parties must now carefully study the lessons of this election 

", and in particular, specifies the daily, "

the fact that the AfD, the extreme right, takes root in the ex-GDR 

", the CDU should therefore as soon as possible examine the concerns of the voters"

 if it does not want to know the same horror scenario during the elections to the Bundestag 

" .

For its part

Die Welt

points to the disappointing results of the Greens.

The Baerbock train has derailed 

", headlines the daily.

With 6% of the vote, Annalena Baerbock, the candidate of the Greens for the chancellery, admits her disappointment 


And for

Die Welt

one thing is certain, "

 the federal campaign of the Greens is no longer a guaranteed success 


Obstacle course for the implementation of a global tax on multinationals

If the press as a whole welcomes "

a real tax revolution underway 

", the project " 

of a global minimum taxation 

" decided by the G7 last weekend, remains to be built and it is far from being won. "We

will now have to settle sensitive questions ... in 139 States 

", underlines

Le Soir

, " 

an obstacle course now stands on the way to global taxation 

", explains the

Wall Street Journal

in A echoing the

New York Times

for whom " 

the hardest part remains to be done 


It will not be easy to sell this idea to elected Republican officials


" said

the daily highlighting " 

their fierce opposition to any tax hike

" which augurs " 

for a tough and long battle in the US Congress 

". And " 

if an agreement is finally concluded it will then be necessary to wait 18 months or more for it to be transposed into the national law of each country 

", explains another tax expert in the

Wall Street Journal


For its part, the


, puts its finger on " 

a great flaw 

" of this agreement which could allow " 

Amazon to get out 

" without paying more tax.


Because it reinvests a lot, its profit margins are very low 

" explains the British daily.

Amazon could thus escape tax.

230 world figures urge the G7 to help immunize the poorest



was able to consult this letter signed by 230 personalities including "a 

hundred former prime ministers, former presidents and foreign ministers 

", letter which should be made public before the opening of the G7 in Cornwall next Friday. Among the signatories, we find in particular the Nigerian Obasanjo, the South African De Klerk passing by Ban Ki-moon, former secretary general of the United Nations, as well as the former British prime ministers Gordon Brown and Tony Blair, specifies the


and all ask G7 leaders to pay " 

two-thirds of the $ 66 billion needed to vaccinate poor countries against Covid 

." These former leaders note that “ 

less than 2% of the inhabitants of sub-Saharan Africa have been vaccinated against Covid, while for example the United Kingdom has now vaccinated 70% of its population in the 1st dose 


Will the new "royal baby" reconcile the British family?

Impossible to miss the information, taken up all over the world, and of course on the front page of the British press. The birth of " 

Lilibet Diana"

, second child of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle who therefore bears a symbolic name in the form of a double tribute to Queen Elizabeth (whose nickname Lilibet is) and to the late Princess of Wales, the mother of Harry. " 

Welcome to Lilibet of California 

", headlines the


which asks the question posed by the world press "can 

this new baby so aptly named be able to contribute to the great family reconciliation

", after

the heavy 

fire of his parents against the British monarchy ?. " 

We will know when little Lilibet will meet her glorious namesake for the first time in London, 


Die Welt,

who specifies that with the health crisis and travel restrictions,“ 

it is probably not for tomorrow 



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