[Explanation] On June 6, the 38th LCA International Famous Cat Show made a strong landing at the Red Square in West City, Harbin. Valuable cats from all walks of life participated in the event. These rare breeds of cats, whether they are teasing and petting before the cage, or With the professional manipulation and display of the judges, the people who came to the exhibition were addicted to the eyes of these world-famous cats, which were naive, noble and glamorous, or full of cuteness.

  [Explanation] The reporter learned that this competition is organized by the LCA International Cat Love Association. It integrates the strict breed standard requirements of the major international associations for purebred cats. Through the interaction and display of the cat and the referee, the appearance of the cat is , Personality, degree of monitoring, make a comprehensive assessment.

  [Concurrent] Li Tao, President of LCA International Cat Love Association, full breed review of LCA International Cat Love Association

  Because of the rapid development of the purebred cat industry in our country in recent years, our main purpose of doing cat exhibitions is to popularize some standard knowledge of purebred cats with pet lovers. We hope that purebred cat lovers will pass through our association’s The cat exhibition can promote the healthy development of the purebred cat industry and make the quality of purebred cats have a continuous improvement.

  [Explanation] Many citizens came to interact with the "cats" at close range.

Several international judges selected world-famous cats from all over the world in terms of breeds and coat colors.

  [Concurrent] Ms. Song, a citizen of Harbin

  I have participated many times. There were some competitions of this kind many years ago. Then, like this competition, it has a lot of breeds of cats all together, and then it can look at a cat based on its own, and then it will have A judge is also an affirmation of one's own cat, and at the same time, other friends who may be on the court, and then everyone can share some experiences in raising cats.

  Li Jiangming Yuan Ziqi Sun Hanlun

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