Unlike yesterday (6th), which was hot, today there is a cool breeze in the cloudy sky.

As the daytime high temperature in Seoul stays at 25 degrees Celsius, the daytime heat in Seoul will take a break today, but the southern region is a different story.

The daytime high temperature in Daegu will soar to 33 degrees as the sun shines strongly on the clear sky.

Accordingly, the UV index will be very high, especially in the southern regions where the sun is strong, and the ozone concentration will increase as pollutants cause chemical reactions.

Especially if you live in a downtown area, be careful.

Currently, the skies across the country are clear, but some clouds are passing through the metropolitan area.

In the future, raindrops will fall sporadically in the Yeongseo region.

This kind of weather continues during the day, but in the northern part of Gyeonggi Province and the northern central part of Gangwon Province, it may rain loudly at night.

The daytime maximum temperature will be 25 degrees in Seoul, 30 degrees in Daejeon and 32 degrees in Gwangju.

The weather will be mostly sunny tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, and until Gulpi, but on Friday it will rain once all over the country.

(Tae-Bin Yang, Weather Caster)