• In June, the Futuroscope will only be open from 9 to 13, then the weekend of 19-20.

  • The amusement park near Poitiers will only be open every day from June 26.

  • Other parks are also reopening on Wednesday, such as Parc Astérix, when Disneyland Paris preferred to wait until June 17.

Please note, this is initially a dotted reopening ... The Futuroscope, closed for eight months due to the Covid-19 crisis, will gradually reopen its doors from this Wednesday, June 9

But the amusement park located in Chasseneuil-du-Poitou (Vienne), about ten kilometers from Poitiers, will only be open from June 9 to 13, then the weekend of June 19-20, and only every days from June 26.

"No health pass or PCR test will be required from visitors"

"We hope to reach the attendance figures for 2019 over the summer months, namely around 500,000 visits", explained the director of the park Rodolphe Bouin, according to whom all the attractions will be open, with the exception of the night show .

"No health pass or PCR test will be required from visitors," he added.

“A reinforced health protocol validated by the prefecture has been established”, with the compulsory wearing of a mask from 11 years old, and the maintenance of virtual queues for certain attractions.

"Until July 1, we follow the rules for welcoming the public imposed at the national level" with a gauge of 65% of the capacity for attractions and 50% for indoor restaurants.

Disneyland Paris will wait on June 17

Futuroscope was created in 1987. It welcomes nearly two million visitors a year, making it the fourth most visited amusement park in France after Disneyland Paris, Parc Astérix and Puy du Fou, according to the International Association of Theme Parks.

Other large parks will also reopen this Wednesday, such as Parc Astérix, which will also have a specific schedule before being open every day from June 30.

A mandatory dated reservation system is in place to access the park during the month of June, and only from 9 to 13, from 16 to 20, then from 23 to 27. Le Puy du Fou, in Vendée, reopens for its part June 10, with a modified schedule initially as well, and a night show, the Cinescenie, which will only be offered from July 3.

Disneyland Paris has decided to wait until June 17 to reopen its doors, with a gauge of 65% at first as well.


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