In Yokohama City, which has the largest number of elderly people in all municipalities nationwide, vaccination of the new coronavirus vaccine began on the 6th at a large-scale inoculation site set up in a complex facility at Yokohama Port.

In Yokohama City, in addition to mass inoculation and individual inoculation by family doctors, inoculation at its own large-scale inoculation site began, and Mayor Fumiko Hayashi inspected on the 6th of the first day.

The venue is "Yokohama Hammerhead," a complex facility at Yokohama Port, and usually uses a hall of approximately 3,600 square meters, where immigration control for cruise ships is carried out.

The venue will be vaccinated daily from 9am to 7pm until July 31st, with approximately 92,000 people expected to receive two vaccinations during the period.

A 75-year-old man who received the vaccination said, "It took about 15 minutes from the time I came to the venue to the end of the vaccination. That's it. "

A 77-year-old woman said, "I've been on the train for the past year and a half without getting on the train. I've been on the train for the first time in a while. I was talking.

Mayor Hayashi, who visited the venue, said, "We have confirmed that the first day is going very smoothly. We hope that all the elderly people who want it will be able to inoculate by the end of July, so please be assured."