The man who had killed his ex-companion by pushing her through an eighth-floor window Thursday in Colmar was indicted on Saturday and imprisoned, announced the public prosecutor of this city.

This 51-year-old man was indicted for "intentional homicide by spouse and placed under a committal warrant," Catherine Sorita-Minard said in a statement.

"He recognizes the facts, indicating to have acted following an argument, in a context of significant alcoholism", specifies the magistrate.

"An investigating judge is now seized" and "the investigations will continue, in particular to interview witnesses and relatives, and to verify the schedule of the author and the victim in the moments preceding the murder, ”she added.

Already sentenced for "aggravated violence" on the same person

The man, who had 2.5 grams of alcohol in his blood, defenestrated his 48-year-old former companion on Thursday evening. He then stayed at the window to throw cans of beer in the direction of the body, before being stopped without resistance. Falling on the roof of a sports hall below, the victim died on the spot, despite the intervention of firefighters and Smur. According to a neighbor, cited by a source close to the investigation, the victim was regularly subjected to violence from her former companion.

The latter, born in 1969, was thus sentenced on January 17, 2019, for “aggravated violence” on the same person, to 6 months in prison with a suspension with probation for 3 years, reports the prosecution. He was monitored by the sentence enforcement judge and the integration and probation service. "An evaluation of his support will be carried out, in accordance with the instructions of the Minister of Justice in this area," the prosecutor announced on Friday.

According to the collective "Feminicides by companions or ex", this drama brings to 49 the number of victims of feminicides since the beginning of the year 2021. In 2020, 90 feminicides were counted by the Ministry of the Interior, against 146 l 'last year.

The Colmar drama is part of a black series that occurred in the Grand Est where, in less than two weeks, three feminicides or attempted feminicide were committed, relaunching the debate on the follow-up of the perpetrators of domestic violence.


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