China News Service, Hangzhou, June 5 (Zhang Yuhuan) The 2021 Global Artificial Intelligence Technology Conference (GAITC2021) was held on the 5th in Hangzhou, Zhejiang. The award ceremony of the first Global Artificial Intelligence Technology Innovation Competition was held at the meeting.

The competition focuses on cutting-edge technology and application innovation, attracting more than 15,000 contestants from 21 countries and regions around the world, covering 528 Chinese universities and 136 overseas universities.

  It is understood that the competition is committed to promoting academic exchanges, talent training, technological development, and cross-border applications and integration in the field of artificial intelligence, and creating an artificial intelligence talent exchange platform and industrial ecosystem.

For example, the "Medical Imaging Report Abnormality Detection" track in the final requires the participating teams to determine whether there are abnormalities and abnormal types in certain target areas of the body based on the doctor's image description text data on CT.

  Huang Songfang, head of the deep language model team of Dharma Academy and senior algorithm expert, said that the current artificial intelligence technology represented by machine learning and voice intelligence is accelerating the pace of social application, and is gradually realizing the extension from single-point technology to systematic ability. , High-performance AI computing clusters and efficient parallel training optimization algorithms have increasingly highlighted their important value.

  "Artificial intelligence is a strategic technology that leads a new round of technological and industrial revolutions, and has a strong spillover and driving effect." Dai Qionghai, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, said that on the basis of vigorously cultivating talents, it is necessary to promote artificial intelligence and other industries. In-depth integration, with the themes and goals of intersection, integration, growth, and win-win, linking the power of the entire industry chain with government, industry, university and research, and jointly promoting the coordinated development of artificial intelligence and various industries.