[Commentary] Located in the Redland Garden on the outskirts of Nanjing, Tainong Zhang Dexu is taking care of his orchids.

Looking around, a wide variety of orchids lined up neatly.

Nanjing County, Fujian Province, located in the hinterland of southern Fujian, is one of the important ancestral homes of Taiwan compatriots. It is famous for its orchid production and is known as the "Hometown of Chinese Orchid". It has become the largest orchid distribution center in China.

A few days ago, the reporter came to visit Nanjing, Fujian.

  [Explanation] The founder of Redland Garden is Zhang Ruifa, Zhang Dexu's father. As one of the first Taiwan farmers to grow orchids in Nanjing, Zhang Ruifa not only brought advanced planting techniques, but also new varieties of orchids.

The orchids cultivated by Redland Garden sell well in the mainland.

After Zhang Ruifa's death, in order to realize his father's will, Zhang Dexu gave up his career in Taiwan and went to Fujian to run the Orchid Garden across the sea.

  [Concurrent] Tai Nong Zhang Dexu

  (19) My father came here in 1993, and since 1993 we have promoted this orchid culture and planting, combined with these local farmers, and then the biggest advantage is the large mainland market, so this is the advantage of cross-strait exchanges, for example We bring in our advanced technology and our good varieties. 

  [Explanation] He has cultivated orchids in Nanjing for many years. Zhang Dexu said that taking root here, in addition to the similar language, customs and living habits of Fujian and Taiwan, he feels cordial, and more importantly, he is optimistic about the mainland market and the prospects of planting orchids. broad.

  [Concurrent] Tai Nong Zhang Dexu

  Cross-strait exchanges will benefit some of our orchid friends and businessmen in Taiwan. It can be said to be very favorable for us as Taiwanese businessmen. Moreover, the government is now vigorously opening up policies for Taiwanese businessmen to have more good policies. More to attract the second generation and third generation young people of Taiwan now.

  [Explanation] At present, Redland Garden has more than 300 varieties of orchids and more than 100,000 pots.

In Zhang Dexu's view, Nanjing Orchid's reputation and quality continue to improve, and its market competitiveness is getting stronger and stronger.

In addition, the local area vigorously supports the development of Taiwan-funded agricultural enterprises, and specially established Nanjing Fujian-Taiwan Integrated Development (Orchid) Industrial Park.

A series of favorable policies also strengthened his confidence in the development of the mainland.

  [Concurrent] Tai Nong Zhang Dexu

  These orchid varieties were promoted to these farmers, and some young people later came here to learn. We also tried our best to promote orchid varieties and professional knowledge.

Various subsidies, various promotion, help us Taiwanese businessmen to integrate with these farmers in a very good direction.

  [Explanation] According to official data, by the end of 2020, Nanjing County has an orchid planting area of ​​4,350 acres, with an annual output of more than 90 million orchids, an annual output value of 1.55 billion yuan, and an annual sales of 1.06 billion yuan.

There are more than 60,000 relevant practitioners.

An orchid paved the way for Nanjing flower farmers to get rich.

Cross-strait cooperation will make orchids grow better.

  Reporting from Zhangzhou, Fujian by reporter Wu Shengwei

Editor in charge: [Zhang Aolin]