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Abdullah Al Qamzi


June 06, 2021

I saw a man in the café holding a newspaper he was reading and it was a strange sight in the time of Covid or post-Covid, you name it.

I kept staring at the strange sight in front of me, which was normal only two years ago, as we know that all cafes have stopped subscribing to newspapers due to Covid, and one tour of the library will find a significant decrease in the number of newspapers on the shelves.

We all know the reasons and there is no need to mention them and detail them. Basically, no one cares about printed news anymore, and I am almost certain that my son will not know what the newspaper is 10 years from today unless he educates himself in history and general information!

This is a reality, not a pessimism.


Has the world stopped?

A really strange question, but if you want to be sure, compare today's headlines with what happened a year ago, you will not find much difference, because Covid is the hero of events, it was the talk of the hour and still is.

This is locally.

Globally, what has happened since President Joe Biden came to power in Washington?

Did Biden make a single decision that shook the world or was as controversial as Trump?

I followed Biden in his first days and got very bored, so I left him for a month and went back to him and found him not progressing an inch.

This is happening to me for the first time since I started reading the news regularly in 2000. Some tell me the world hasn't stopped, but I'm tired of the news.

I say it's okay maybe it's true, but what has the master of the world done so far to care?

So far no one has been able to answer my question!

The two most important news in six months (most of Biden's news is protocol) are: the news of the Republicans blocking the formation of a committee to investigate the events of Congress, and the news of the six trillion budget proposed by Biden to reform the American economy.

The first is related to Trump's presidency!

Isn't that strange!

The most important news in six months related to the former president!

And do not tell me the US intervention in Gaza is important news. Nothing will happen. This is naive. Biden is an extension of Obama and will manage the conflict and will not solve anything.


I do not understand the many spinning in the paper book and talking about its texture and the smell of ink!

Personally, I regret every paperback I've bought in the last three years.

The only effect that Covid has had on me is that I am more digital than ever.

An e-book is better than paper, practical, cheaper, cleaner for the environment, faster to get to the desired page, and you don't need space to store it, because your entire digital library is on your smart device.

You don't even need a pointer to memorize the page, it's there at the touch of a finger.

I don't care about paperback sales and I don't find it clever to go to a library to find a book that might not be there.

Find it and download it in seconds at an affordable price, and if it doesn't exist then the publisher is like an hourglass in the digital age!


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