• A one-week detox diet to reduce volume and lose two kilos without stopping eating

The bikini operation always comes at the worst possible moment: when we most want to go out, enjoy the very long afternoons and indulge ourselves with a little treat on the terrace.

All this, by concept, contrary to the control of keeping the scale at bay to show off a little body.

But all is not lost.

Although it is true that maintaining an intense social life and eating out is something that lends itself to excesses, there are also certain tricks to control what we


without sacrificing ourselves and without skipping the


in case we are on a diet .

The first is to choose well the place where to do it;

the higher the quality of the restaurant and its cuisine, the easier it will be to achieve a good pairing of flavor and calories.

But it is not the only key.

Eduardo and Alberto Villar,

owners of one of the most beautiful restaurants in Madrid, Bodega de los Secretos, give us the guidelines to enjoy a healthy, succulent and low-calorie menu.

1. Two allies: fruit and yogurt

Before leaving, it is best to have a small snack, to get to the restaurant without hunger and make it easier for us to attack the menu with measure, thus avoiding falling into less healthy temptations, which tend to be the most appetizing when hunger strikes. It is enough to eat a piece of

fruit or a Greek yogurt

, although you can also fill your stomach with a light vegetable broth.

2. Always have an aperitif

It is another way to reduce hunger and make it easier for us to follow the diet.

But be careful, we must choose them carefully: no fries, croquettes, puff pastry, batters or unhealthy fried nuts.

Instead, order

quality ham, pickles, pickled anchovies, prawns, seafood salad, mussels and cockles


And if you cannot give up nuts, whether they are raw or toasted, better walnuts or almonds and always in small quantities.

3. Eat slowly

It will allow you to enjoy food more and be more aware of the amounts you consume, as well as giving your body time to feel full with a smaller amount of food.

And chewing food well will allow you to have a lighter digestion.

4. And to drink?

Accompany your meal with a glass of wine -the red has more calories, but its tannins are very beneficial- and try to avoid beer.

The best choice?

Give up alcohol and go for a tomato juice or sparkling water and a lemon wedge.

5. First ...

It is important that your plate consists of

vegetables, grilled, cooked or, better, raw.

Salads are a very healthy option, the fact of having to chew raw vegetables for a while implies an important gastric work that makes you eat less later;

that yes, be careful with the dressing! It is better that you dose it at the table than that it comes straight from the kitchen.

You can use extra virgin olive oil, but better a light vinaigrette or just salt and lemon.

6. As a main course

Have fish or lean meats as a second course.

Try to make them simple, always grilled or baked, without heavy sauces (both at lunch and dinner time).

Ask the waiter for the garnish and always opt for vegetables, salad or a roasted potato.

And don't forget portion control;

At this point in time you will no longer be hungry.

7. Am I out of dessert?

No 'punishments', you can also finish your meal with a dessert.

In this case, you have to

choose seasonal fruit

or, to indulge yourself, a lemon sorbet without alcohol.

If you are deprived of sweets, try to get rid of the bug with an infusion sweetened with honey and lemon.

And if you can't resist, share it with other diners.

According to the criteria of The Trust Project

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