On June 5, the "Regulations of Beijing Municipality on Ecological Protection and Green Development of Ecological Conservation Zones" came into effect.

It is reported that this is the country's first provincial-level specific functional zone legislation, marking the city's ecological conservation zone ecological protection and green development work toward the rule of law, standardization, and long-term.

  The regulations point out that Beijing’s ecological conservation areas include Mentougou District, Pinggu District, Huairou District, Miyun District, Yanqing District, and the mountainous areas of Fangshan District and Changping District.

  In Jinmoruo Village, Xiwengzhuang Town, Miyun District, Beijing, in recent years, through the construction of a pastoral complex, it has successfully built 1,000 acres of Jinmoruo millet plantation area and 600 acres of cherry orchard. The development path of "Visit to Agriculture".

  Up to now, 45 streets (townships) in the plains of the city have paired with townships (streets) in the ecological conservation area, and 77 companies have paired with towns and villages in the ecological conservation area.

  In addition, during the construction of the ecological conservation zone, the government also actively participates in cooperation and provides services for enterprises and other market entities by building platforms, sharing information, and preaching policies.

(Produced by Xu Jing and Li Jiali)

Editor in charge: [Li Yuxin]