In 1948 the American author Dorothy West wrote her first novel, "The Living is Easy".

It would be almost fifty years before she published her second novel.

It wasn't until 1995 that “The Wedding” appeared, when Dorothy West was already 88 years old.

We owe it to the persuasion of her neighbor, a certain Jacqueline Kennedy-Onassis, who worked as an editor at the Doubleday publishing house in New York, that she even completed “The Wedding”. 

Andrea Diener

Editor in the features section.

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    Fridtjof Küchemann

    Editor in the features section.

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      In “The Wedding”, the life issues and lines of conflict of five generations of a family meet on a late summer day in the early 1950s on Martha's Vineyard.

      The novel about racism and classicism is published by Hoffmann und Campe in a new edition - and after twenty-five years an updated translation.

      We talked to our colleague Ursula Scheer about the book and asked his editor Maria Mair about it.

      Three questions to Jovana Reisinger, whose second novel “Spitzenreiterinnen” has just been published by Verbrecher Verlag, conclude this episode.

      "The Wedding" by Dorothy West

      was translated by Christa E. Seibicke, was published by Hoffmann and Campe, has 288 pages and costs 23 euros.

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