A mysterious disease in Canada.. Symptoms: frightening disturbances and seeing the dead

Doctors in Canada have monitored dozens of cases of a mysterious disease so far in the province of New Brunswick.

Doctors were unable to reveal the origins of the disease, which was first detected in 2015, and infected about 50 people, and Russia Today quoted the New York Times, which reported that the mysterious disease causes a range of symptoms, including anxiety, depression and mental deterioration that develops. Rapidly, muscle pain and insomnia, as well as frightening visual disturbances such as seeing dead people.

After the discovery of the new disease in 2015, eight infections were detected within three years, but the frequency of the outbreak escalated in the following years.

The newspaper added that to date, Canadian doctors have detected at least 48 cases of the mysterious disease, ranging in age from 18 to 84 years, and six of them have died.

And the "New York Times" reported that the Canadian health authorities, which focused their efforts in recent months on fighting the Corona virus pandemic, had to deal with the new disease as well, after it leaked to the media last March, a memo to the chief medical officer of New Brunswick.

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