The Russian people are wise.

The Russian people are kind.

The Russian people say: "Tell me who your friend is, and I will tell you who you are."

Not the Facebook friend that Zucker sends a reminder about and whom you never saw when you were born.

And friends in life.

You never know who we like there on social networks.

Many do this without even thinking.

If I had A.A. as my friend

Navalny, I would also congratulate him on the DR.

Another thing is that I have not had it, and for a long time.

And also, for example, who your bosses say a lot about you. Or even so: sometimes, by the one who congratulated you, you can tell who your bosses are.

All this came to mind today for more than one thousand Internet users, looking at who congratulated Alexey Anatolyevich, who never chose what mustache to wear, on his 45th birthday. One would expect that such an incredibly vulgar character and congratulations would be appropriate: "45 - a woman is a berry again" and so on. But what we saw was more serious and, one might say, with a tear and a threat. Threats, of course, spread to the address of the Russian state. Here is a certain Michael McFaul, who was once the head of residency in Moscow, that is, the US ambassador, tells us and Lesha about how the American government takes care of his family while he is in the terrible dungeons of Ivan the Terrible: “I assure you that everything they are completely safe and receive all the help they need.I closely monitor your health and use all my connections in the Biden administration to put additional pressure on Russia if something bad happens to you there. Rest assured that there are many wonderful people here in the USA who are doing everything to get you out of prison. In spite of everything, you are the political future of Russia. "

Hello, Mikey, have you misled anything?

How are you going to reverse Russian laws and how do you promise to "get them out of prison"?

And then he assigns us "the future of Russia."

How interesting!

Why on earth is some former ambassador of some country constructing a political future for us here?

And you asked the Russian people - how is he there?

What does he think about this?

And where does he collectively send that to Lyosha, what to his well-wishers?

Well, we, of course, are not talking about the fact that, apparently, Navalny's communication with American diplomats was somewhat closer than we used to think.

Apparently, he went there not only on the 4th of July for a glass of champagne.

It looks like on weekdays too.

Warm congratulations from the head of the most rabid propaganda and sabotage machine, the National Endowment for Democracy (NED) *, are very characteristic.

And this is what Karl Gershman, the president of this CIA unit (and whose else?) Writes: "It pains me to see what inhuman conditions the Russian authorities put you in, how much you had to endure during these months of imprisonment." Karl does not know that we also know what exactly Lyosha endured in the dungeons - a sadistic underinvestment of carrots and a monstrous, painful choice: which mustache - like Hitler's or like Lukashenko's - should be grown.

And here Gershman falls into what is called wishful thinking in the language of our partners: “... You are the face of the Russian opposition, its main driving force.

And we will not allow our allies to endure such humiliation.

Rest assured that the Kremlin will answer for its recklessness. "


That's it, guys, we disagree, here the Kremlin is directly threatened.

The main thing here is not to fall under the distribution of civilians.

But about the "face" and "driving force" - it's really strong.

This is really funny.

The dude who trampled all the shoots of the opposition around him is its driving force.

The DT-75 tractor is also a driving force, Karl, remember this.

It seems to me that Lyosha's bosses have ceased to be shy and hiding altogether.

They openly tell us that Navalny is their puppet on the string.

What business is Robert Menendez, US Senator from New Jersey to Navalny?

Does he really have no other worries?

For example, Mexican children in cages on the US-Mexico border.

There Menendez is the most common surname for these children.

And instead of freeing the kids from the cage of the bloody American regime, the senator is concerned about freeing Navalny.

“I am sure that political success will definitely come to you and your team.

And of course, we will do our best to make this happen.

But first, we will release you as soon as possible, ”the senator writes.

At the words “for you and your team,” a thunderous laugh from Moscow even reached Rhode Island - we have already seen what “Navalny's team” with all these caricatured characters like the greedy and incompetent Volkov, the voluptuous Sobol and the spy Singers is.

Awesome team.

You just want to hand over the keys to the Kremlin right there.

Or hide your wallet and watch away.

The horror is not that Navalny has such bosses and friends.

The horror is that they are so “like that” - not versed in Russia even an ounce.

Equipped only with the thought of changing the regime and establishing some kind of "democracy" known only to them.


The National Endowment for Democracy is an organization whose activities are recognized as undesirable on the territory of the Russian Federation by the decision of the General Prosecutor's Office of 07/28/2015.

The point of view of the author may not coincide with the position of the editorial board.