For Jane Goodall, it's very simple: Covid-19 is only a foretaste of what awaits humanity if it does not change its relationship with nature.

Reluctant to take tweezers, the 87-year-old primatologist who is no longer presented believes that the worst awaits future generations if "we do not find a way to create a greener and more sustainable economy".

As such, she is not far from thinking that the virus is a warning from Mother Nature and that other pandemics will follow if nothing is done to limit the demographic expansion of the human species which should reach 10 billion. people by 2050. “It is possible that nature manages for us (the problem) of the human population.

It's been critical with this pandemic, hasn't it?

If we do not change our attitude towards nature and animals, there will be more pandemics, ”continued the scientist in a river interview with HuffPost.

However, Jane Goodall refuses to give up and even sees a glimmer of hope in this dark horizon.

Act on time

As Jane Goodall is often fond of reminding us, humans are not so different from their distant relatives, the chimpanzees, in that they are capable of brutality as well as selflessness.

However, the human species is distinguished by its ability to project itself into the future, and this is where its salvation lies.

“We have the tools.

We have the language.

We have the technology.

We understand that if we make the right decisions every day and billions of us follow them, we can take the right direction.

But will we do it in time?

I don't know, ”continued Jane Goodall.


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