In April, a house in Funabashi City, Chiba Prefecture was burned down, and a 65-year-old company officer who lived in this house died. He was arrested on suspicion of murder and arson for killing him.

It means that he has denied some of the charges against the investigation.

On April 25, a house burned down in Motonakayama, Funabashi City, and the body of Kazuhiko Watanabe (65), a corporate officer who lives in this house, was found in the burnt remains.

The cause of death was burning, but as a result of police investigation on the suspicious point, Mr. Watanabe's former relative, Daigo Ichikura (30), who lives in Minato-ku, Tokyo, lit a house and killed him. He was found suspicious and was arrested on the 4th on suspicion of murder and fire.

According to police, previous investigations had hinted to his mother that he would harm Watanabe just before the fire, and that a car with similar characteristics to the suspect's car passed near the scene. It means that it has been confirmed.

According to police, the investigation admitted that it had set the house on fire, but denied some of the charges.

In April, Ichikura had already been arrested and charged with stealing a total of about 950,000 yen worth of two paintings from Mr. Watanabe's house, and the police said that there was no trouble between the two. I am investigating the detailed history.