5 minutes

Personality types: mediator and lawyer


Alaa Jarrad


May 31, 2021

Today we continue to talk about the other two types in the group of diplomats, namely, the mediator and the lawyer. The mediator personality (INFP code) is a calm, conservative and somewhat shy person whose owners always look at the positive side of people, sometimes misunderstanding their feelings, and they make up 4% of the people. They enjoy innovation and creativity, and therefore work in the field of art, poetry, writing and acting, where they can express their thoughts and feelings through these channels. They have high skills in learning other languages, and may be fluent in two or three languages, they listen to many people, but they speak to a few, they take in Think and meditate and enjoy philosophical and imaginative thinking, William Shakespeare is considered a model for the personality of the medium.

Owners of the mediator personality sympathize with the issues of others, and they are distinguished by generosity, and they never accept to climb on the shoulders of others or harm them in order to achieve their goals. One of their characteristics is also openness, tolerance and not judging others, and they never pay attention to the mistakes of others, and they are also idealists sometimes. Their shortcomings are represented in their illogicality, as they do not rely on logic or reason in thinking, but they always see that life is rosy, and they do not accept the idea that the world is full of errors and shortcomings, sometimes they may be isolationist, and prefer not to communicate with others, especially when they are placed in a new environment for them, from It is easy for them to lose focus, which reflects negatively on their productivity, emotionally weak, and they try in various ways to show themselves in a positive way that makes others happy, and they are always self-critical.

The fourth type in this group is the personality of the lawyer (INFJ code) a rare type, and its owners constitute less than 1% of the population, but they leave an imprint, and they have the determination and determination to achieve what they aspire to, and they have willpower and strong opinions at times, they do not find it difficult to communicate With others, but they may withdraw suddenly, so those who deal with them should not be surprised by this behavior, one of the most unforgiving personalities, and no one takes something that is not his right, they have no tolerance towards injustice. Among the most famous figures representing this style are "Nelson Mandela", "Martin Luther King" and "Mother Teresa". The strengths of the mediator are partly similar to the creative and innovative abilities, they have deep insight and intuition more than any other personality, they adhere to principles with great decisiveness and determination, they have a strong passion for what they love and they have a high degree of altruism.

The weaknesses of the lawyer’s personality are that they are very sensitive to criticism, they do not accept it, and it may constitute a great insomnia for them, and they quickly take the defensive side when any criticism is directed at them, they are very reluctant to open up with others, and they do not reveal their chest to anyone easily, they seek Always perfect and annoying to those around them, it is easy for them to leave themselves to fatigue, burning and exhaustion.

We meet next week with the group of organizers.

• The weaknesses of the lawyer's personalities are that they are very sensitive to criticism, as they do not accept it, and it may constitute a great insomnia for them.



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