Recently, a Chinese high-speed rail time chart from Japan became popular on the Internet. This "out of the circle" chart is from the "China Railway Time Research Association" where He Jue, a young man living in Japan, belongs.

He Jue was originally from Xi'an and has lived in Japan for many years.

He is "obsessed" with Chinese railways. In 2014, he founded the "China Railway Moments Research Association" with a group of like-minded Japanese friends.

  He Jue and his friends used their spare time to organize information about Chinese railways, draw Chinese railways, and organize them into a book.

Today, their "China Railway Timetable" has been updated in seven versions.

  He Jue told reporters that the process of drawing is a process of deepening his own knowledge of the motherland's geography.

He hopes to share the charm of Chinese railways with Japanese friends through this "China Railway Timetable".

(Reporter Liu Chao)

Editor in charge: [Liu Pai]