Two weeks ago, when violence erupted again between Hamas and Israel, Mark Ruffalo published numerous posts on his networks in support of the Palestinian population.

However, in a recent tweet, the actor admits having gone too far in the terms used and apologizes for calling the Israeli actions "genocide".

“I thought about it and wanted to apologize for my posts during the recent confrontation between Israel and Hamas suggesting that Israel is committing 'genocide'.

It is not fair, it is inflammatory and disrespectful and these arguments are used to justify anti-Semitism here and abroad.

Now is the time to avoid the hyperbole, ”the actor wrote.

An apartheid regime?

While none of Mark Ruffalo's many posts about the conflict directly mentions “genocide,” one of his tweets directly compares the Israeli-Palestinian conflict to apartheid in South Africa. "The sanctions against South Africa have helped deliver the black people - it's time to impose sanctions on Israel to free the Palestinians," the


star wrote

on May 11.

A position shared by Bella Hadid whose family is originally from Palestine.

“I have a lot to say about this.

Please read and educate yourself.

It is not a question of religion.

(…) There is talk of Israeli colonization, ethnic cleansing, military occupation and apartheid against the Palestinians that has been taking place for years!

The supermodel wrote on Instagram.


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