The Film Fund is allocating 3.5 million euros to ensure that Dutch films are not drowned out by foreign productions in cinemas next summer.

Director Bero Beyer reports this in conversation with the



Dutch cinemas can open their doors again on June 5, for the time being for fifty visitors per hall.

The theaters have been closed for almost six months due to the corona lockdown.

A reservoir of cinema films from home and abroad is waiting for you.

The risk is that Dutch titles will lose out in the PR violence of major Hollywood productions, says Beyer.

"During the lockdown, we pumped a lot of money into the development, realization and production of films to keep that part of the chain going," says Beyer.

"Now it is important that we also support the last part of that chain and complete the circle. After all, there is no production for the shelf."

The Film Fund has been in talks with distributors since April 2020 about the situation that arises now that theaters are allowed to open again. “And it's only gotten worse since then,” Beyer says. "There are also a lot of big American titles ready, but it should not be the case that when the cinemas and movie theaters open again, the law of the strongest applies. In joint meetings with distributors we also say: make sure you are not in a hurry to release films. to make up for losses suffered in this way. Do you know supported by the Film Fund and spread the releases a bit."

The first major Dutch film to be released is

De Slag om de Schelde

, about the largest battle fought on Dutch territory during the Second World War.

The epic, starring Gijs Blom and Susan Radder, is the most expensive Dutch film in fifteen years.

The film was supposed to be released during the Christmas season, but the cinemas had to close just before release.

Other major Dutch titles that will be released in the near future are the

De Luizenmoeder

film, the Oscar-nominated Srebrenica drama

Quo vadis Aida?


De Ververdeling

, a reconstruction of the complicated Deventer murder case.


Three young people fight for freedom in trailer The Battle of the Scheldt