Lebanon mourns the actor and director Hossam Al-Sabah

The Lebanese actor and theater director, Hussam Al-Sabah, died today, Saturday, at the age of 73, of wounds sustained as a result of a traffic accident in southern Lebanon.

Al-Sabah was transferred 10 days ago to a hospital in the city of Sidon in southern Lebanon, where he remained in a coma until he died this morning.

The Lebanese Ministry of Culture said in a statement: “With the departure of the actor and director, the able artist, Hussam Al-Sabah, the artistic and cultural arena has lost a distinct talent and a representative performance through which the late personified the characters and conveyed them to the audience in a professional manner saturated with artistic culture.”

And Hussam Al-Sabah is a Lebanese actor and director from the city of Nabatiyeh in southern Lebanon. He started his life participating in theatrical works in youth clubs before entering the world of professionalism and playing a pivotal role in the play “The Gieve” that was presented in Nabatiyeh in 1970. He participated in the play “The Dark of the Night” by the late poet Taan Asaad which included songs composed by Elie Choueiri and Azar Habib.

Al-Sabah played influential roles in many Lebanese films, including “Beirut Al-Liqa” by Burhan Alawiya, “The Explosion” by Rafik Hajjar, “The Risk” by Youssef Sharaf al-Din, and “The Kidnapped” by Ibrahim Maraachli.

He also participated in the 1992 film "Naji Al-Ali" by Atef Al-Tayeb.

Al-Sabah continued to appear in many Lebanese and Syrian series, including “Popular Lanterns” by Rashid Alama and “Quraysh” by George Ghayyad.

He gained great fame in the series "Time of the Rascals" directed by Youssef Sharaf El-Din, which dealt with the period of the Israeli occupation of southern Lebanon.

Before his death, Al-Sabah was a guest in the Ramadan series, where he appeared in the series "2020" by Lebanese actress Nadine Najim and Syrian actor Qusay Khouli.

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