Roy Andersson's films are not created in the blink of an eye.

Inside his workplace, Studio 24 in Stockholm, an entire film team builds scenery and scenography with meticulous Norwegianness.

Many retakes later, everything will be demolished, and only then is the stage ready.

The result is Roy Andersson's characteristic imagery and film world.

He rarely gives interviews, but the documentary filmmaker Fred Scott has followed Roy Andersson for three years, during the filming of the film About the Infinite (2019).

- In a few decades we will look back and wonder: who was this person who had the ability to make films on their own terms?

he says.

Tough film process

Roy Andersson has 50 years of filmmaking behind him.

He broke through as a feature film director with the youth portrayal A Love Story (1970) and devoted many years to making commercials.

For the feature film Sånger från andra vången (2000) he won five Guldbaggar and the jury prize in Cannes.

After that, he has made three films - You Alive (2007), A Dove sat on a branch and thought about life (2014) and About the Infinite (2019).

The documentary shows that filmmaking is not just a fun-filled process.

- It is both mentally and physically difficult to make a film, especially in my way.

Sometimes you make the mistake of thinking that a glass of whiskey will help you relax and feel, says Roy Andersson in the documentary.

Gained trust

The documentary shows that a not entirely problem-free relationship with alcohol, as well as a strong preoccupation with work, affects him.

- The film follows me day and night, during all hours.

It is not possible to escape work or oneself, it will be almost like a prison, says Roy Andersson in the documentary.

Fred Scott says that it was not until after 18 months that he and Roy Andersson got such a secure contact that they could talk openly about most things.

- When Roy allowed me to ask questions about the darker sides of what he experienced alongside filmmaking, then I felt that I had gained his trust, says Fred Scott to Kulturnyheterna.

As of Saturday, May 29, Fred Scott's documentary Being a human person is available on SVT Play.