• TF1 broadcast Friday evening the first part of the final of

    Koh-Lanta: The secret weapons


  • At the end of the orientation, Arnaud and Laure did not manage to qualify for the legendary pole test.

  • "I came with lots of forms and I left in great shape," says the candidate eliminated at

    20 Minutes


Strength, courage, luck and a touch of strategy, these are the qualities that



must show when they go in search of the dagger that will lead them to the posts. This Friday, during the twelfth episode of

Secret Weapons

broadcast on TF1, Jonathan, Lucie and Maxine managed to qualify, leaving Laure and Aurélien on the side of the road to the final.

Before Denis Brogniart gave the starting signal for the event, the five adventurers and adventurers had agreed: whatever happens and whatever the way to climb to victory, whether the best or the best wins.

From the start of the orientation, Arnaud claims that he is seizing the area of ​​the twisted stump to dissuade others from joining him.

"Something that happens because nobody follows me," he describes to

20 Minutes


But afterwards, I do anything, I get lost on the island.


A story of white color ... which does not exist

Well off, the Moselle market gardener finally wanders in the jungle before falling on Lucie, whom he sees even before finding the twisted stump. After several minutes of research, another head arrives, that of Maxine. At that point, faced with the arrival of this new adversary, Arnaud has a decision to make: should he continue to dig around his remarkable element or can he find the third area to explore? "I tell myself that I already have the strain ... If it's to waste time looking for something else that I won't find right away, we might as well stay there, even if there are three of us," he confides .

His decision turns out to be the right one since the candidate succeeds in finding his beacon.

But after not without difficulty joining Denis Brogniart, Arnaud finds himself in a very delicate position.

While he believed he had to move in the direction indicated by the color white, it turns out to be simply the color of the paint on the beacon.

Neither one nor two, we have to find a solution: “my orientation is Lucie.

I just hope she didn't make the same mistake as me ”.

Her rival has indeed taken the right path but she is above all more efficient than Arnaud and quickly finds the dagger of the twisted stump.

"There is no rule that prohibits finding the dagger immediately"

Luck will not have smiled more on Arnaud near the fossilized coral, Maxine having found her dagger before him. With hindsight, the candidate considers the orientation as the most difficult of the tests. “There are only three places for five, we cross paths, we look at each other. There is the stress, the nerves, he relates. We play hide and seek with others, we bluff. We play with the nerves a little more than in other events. "

If we take stock of this first part of the final, two of the adventurers, namely Jonathan and Maxine, did not unearth the beacon before brandishing their dagger.

“They found it with a little more luck than us, so much the better, it's part of the game, concedes Arnaud.

There is no rule against finding the dagger immediately so it was every man for himself.

I don't blame them, I only blame myself.


"I was very bad on certain events"

Six months after the end of the shooting, Arnaud regrets not having been able to climb to the top step of the podium but he especially retains the positive of this “dream adventure” in which he had been trying to participate for ten years and for which he sent about fifteen letters of application.

Over the weeks, the adventurer found his place until the climax of the experience: his solo victory in the game of skill the week before orientation. “In the individual events, we are not going to lie to each other, I was not the best. I was even very bad on some events. Afterwards, I got better and better, ”he says. According to him, the trigger would have been his weight loss. "I came in a lot of forms and I left in great shape," he laughs. In thirty days, Arnaud has lost between ten and eleven kilos.

During the last eliminatory council of the season, Arnaud's comrades were full of praise for him, calling him “a complete adventurer” and even “champion” of



“For me, a champion is Teheiura, Claude, Grégoire.

To put myself among all those, wow… I was not considering that at all, it's a real honor.

It remains to be seen whether, like his idols, he too will participate in several editions.


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