China News Service, Guangzhou, May 27 (Reporter Cheng Jingwei) The third season of Guangdong Satellite TV's large-scale original era memory music cultural program "The Flowing Singing" is scheduled to be broadcast nationwide at 21:10 every Friday from June 11th.

Tibetan female singer Alan Dawadroma recently participated in an interview with reporters during the recording of the show.

  Alan, who is beautiful and sweet, has the reputation of "beautiful singer" among fans.

Alan has a perfect voice like being kissed by an angel, and the wide range is naturally natural. The masterpieces such as "Anthem of Tomorrow", "My Life" and "My Moonlight" are full of amazing feelings.

Alan, who has returned from "practicing" in Japan, has good singing skills. He can easily control the majestic folk music style and play all kinds of trendy music.

  In the Chinese folk music circle, she is an upright and innovative "Guo music person".

Alan, who has been learning erhu since she was a child, relies on a "hard-core" erhu skill. He was previously incarnate as a "music seeker" in the second season of Guangdong Satellite TV's "National Music Ceremony". New vitality.

Not long ago, she participated in the second season of the very popular reality show variety show "Sister Riding the Wind and Waves".

Alan has the perfect voice like being kissed by an angel.

Photo courtesy of Guangdong Satellite TV

  "Before I did not participate in that show (the second season of "Sister Riding the Wind and Waves"), I felt that I was always 18 years old. After the participation, many people began to call my sister. I realized that I was already in my 30s. Big sister." Alan said frankly, unable to admit this reality, she felt that she was still a "little girl".

  In her opinion, Sister Gang Gang (female singer Yang Yuying) is the best in balancing the relationship between career and age. "I just want to be a female artist like her, and she will still be like this until she is 50 years old. It’s beautiful and it’s so nice to sing."

  "You work hard, you are attractive, 30, 40, 50, 60 or even 70 years old are the same. Age is not a limit for women." Alan said: "I think first of all you have to affirm yourself and don't give up. For yourself, let yourself live a very wonderful side, because this is your own life, not someone else’s life."

Alan participated in the third season recording of "The Flowing Song".

Photo courtesy of Guangdong Satellite TV

  On the stage of the third season of "The Flowing Song", Alan sang the red classic song "Deep Friendship", and also sang another red classic song "Wanquan River Clear and Clear" with singer Cheng Fangyuan. "I am a Tibetan girl, and the audience likes to listen to my high-pitched voice, so I chose the Yi song "Deep Friendship" that reflects the military and civilian fish and water sentiments." Alan said that many classic old songs may be many." The post-00" audience hasn't heard it yet. She hopes that through her singing, more people can learn about the country's history. (Finish)