Football analyst Johan Derksen will stop making television, he says in an interview in the AD on Friday.

After the European Football Championship and the subsequent sports summer, the 72-year-old Derksen will play a regular season with

Veronica Inside

and then disappear completely from the tube in the summer of 2022.

"I can charge myself fine for that, no problem, but then it's over. Of course, everyone who appears on TV is vain and greedy. But I have so many other nice things to do. I'm not going to miss it," says Derksen in the newspaper. "I've been doing the same trick for 24 years, but it's going to bother me. I find myself more and more on automatic pilot."

Derksen says he has finished talking about football and would have liked to do something with current events. "When last year it was no longer possible to play football because of corona, we simply filled the hours on TV about the current events of the day. The management of Talpa saw that as an opportunity and wanted a daily show, after the Meilandjes. I saw that. "I'm a little bit done with all that talk about Messi and Maradona. Everything that happens is predictable."

However, his

Veronica Inside

colleagues did not like that.

"René (van der Gijp) thought five nights was too much and Wilfred (Genee) suddenly found that little radio show (on Radio Veronica, ed.) So much fun. I find it disgusting what they do there. With incredible crap music,


like subjects and two grown people who laugh at Wilfred for two hours. Anyway, that's his choice. But then it's time for me to stop.

Derksen will also not have to call other talk shows, he emphasizes.

He is done with that too.

He would prefer not to be recognized at all and is even willing to remove his characteristic mustache for that, he says.

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