On the morning of May 26, a farewell ceremony for Wu Mengchao's remains was held in the lobby of Longhua Funeral Home in Shanghai.

Fellow friends, students, and former patients of Academician Wu Mengchao came to bid farewell to Mr. Wu spontaneously.

As the "father of Chinese hepatobiliary surgery" Wu Mengchao "peach plums all over the world", many students came to bid farewell to Mr. Wu that day, one of them was Yu Buwei, president of the Anesthesiologists Branch of the Chinese Medical Doctor Association.

He revealed that he first met Mr. Wu in 1975 and was admitted to a doctoral degree in 1986. Mr. Wu was his mentor at the time and gave him a lot of help in his studies.

He commented that Mr. Wu is “usually easy-going, but very strict when performing surgery”, and in most cases he is “strict but not strict”. When criticizing harshly, he is not merciful, and in general, he is “stopped”.

At the same time, Mr. Wu is very willing to provide opportunities for young people who have shown their love of learning.

(Produced by Kang Yuzhan, Xu Yin and Li Shuzheng, Guo Shihao)

Editor in charge: [Zhang Kaixin]