Maylis de Kerangal - Voices resonate in "Canoes"

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Maylis de Kerangal was the guest of Pascal Paradou in De Vive (s) Voix © Editions Gallimard.

By: Pascal Paradou

31 min

“It is also a book that manifests my attention to orality in literature.

In the writing process, there is always a moment when I try to listen, to read these sentences aloud.

There is something that makes a comeback, and that is always interesting.

We see if the sentence holds, how it sounds, and especially if it falls or collapses ”.


Maylis de Kerangal was our guest on the occasion of the release of her book 



It is mainly female voices, which the author presents on the back cover as "women of all ages, lonely, dreamy, talkative, haunted or marginalized", which are echoed in this moving but sometimes funny work, published under the form of a collection of short stories. 

Maylis de Kerangal

is author of 

Birth of a Bridge


Repairing the Living

(2014) or more recently of

Un monde à reach de main

(2018), among others, publishes the story (s)






She received the Henri-Gal Literature Grand Prize from the French Academy (2014).


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