At the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics, Minister of Defense Kishi revealed that the Games Organizing Committee had requested the dispatch of Self-Defense Forces personnel as medical workers, making it compatible with the large-scale inoculation center for the new coronavirus vaccine operated by the Self-Defense Forces. I showed the idea of ​​adjusting.

Minister of Defense Kishi is a "medical officer" and "nurse" who are qualified as doctors and nurses as medical professionals from the convention organizing committee at the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics at the House of Councilors Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee held on the 25th. It was revealed that there was a request to dispatch a Self-Defense Forces member called.

On top of that, on the 24th, 280 medical officers and nurses were dispatched to the large-scale inoculation center for the new coronavirus vaccine, which was opened in Tokyo and Osaka by the Self-Defense Forces. We will make adjustments so that the operation of the large-scale inoculation center can be compatible. "

In addition, Minister Kishi has announced that he will provide a maximum of 3,000 yen per day to members who are engaged in vaccination work at a large-scale vaccination center, saying that he has a great responsibility for unprecedented efforts.