A woman selling traditional Palestinian embroidery products in Shiga Prefecture is calling for cooperation to help locals affected by the clash between Israel in the Middle East and Palestinian militants.

This month, a fierce exchange of attacks continued between Israel and Hamas, an Islamic fundamentalist organization that effectively controls the Gaza Strip in Palestine.

Kiyomi Kitamura of Moriyama City, Shiga Prefecture, has been importing and selling traditional handicraft embroidery products hand-sewn by women in the Gaza Strip through a UN project for four years, and continues to support through sales. ..

Delicate floral and geometric patterns are drawn on stalls and clothes, which means that 300 refugee women make a living from this embroidery.

Mr. Kitamura has been worried about the safety of women since the armed conflict.

On the 24th, a local person in charge reported that many women were confirmed to be safe, but some women living in the severely damaged area had their houses destroyed and could not be contacted. That is.

Although the ceasefire has come to an end, he says that further support is needed to rebuild his life, and he is calling for cooperation through the purchase of products.

Mr. Kitamura said, "I was very worried about what the creator woman was doing, and I could only pray. Some people had their houses destroyed, and it's going to be difficult. I hope Japanese people will support us together." I was talking.

The sales are delivered to women through UN agencies.