The Ministry of Defense announced on the 24th of the first day that a large-scale vaccination center for the new coronavirus vaccine set up by the government had vaccinated more than 7,300 people in Tokyo and Osaka.

The center plans to gradually increase the number of people to be inoculated this week, and from next week, it plans to inoculate up to 15,000 people a day at two locations.

Large-scale government vaccination centers were set up in Otemachi, Tokyo and Kita-ku, Osaka on the 24th, and vaccination began for elderly people aged 65 and over living in the 23 wards of Tokyo and Osaka.

According to the Ministry of Defense, the number of people who received the vaccination on the 24th was 4,876 in Tokyo, which had 5,000 reservations, and 2,472 in Osaka, which had 2,500 reservations, for a total of 7,348 people.

The surplus vaccine is to be inoculated to private nurses working at the center and staff of private companies who guide and accept the venue, and the surplus vaccine on the 24th is said to have been inoculated to these people. That is.

The large-scale inoculation center plans to gradually increase the number of inoculations this week in both Tokyo and Osaka, and from next Monday, May 31st, when the target area for inoculation will be expanded to the entire area of ​​Tokyo and Osaka. Plans to inoculate up to 10,000 people a day in Tokyo and 5,000 people in Osaka, for a total of about 15,000 people.