The drug suspicions raised against the Italian ESC winning band Måneskin are void from the point of view of the EBU as the organizer of the Eurovision Song Contest.

"There was no drug use in the Green Room and we consider the matter to be over," said the EBU, based in Geneva, on Monday evening.

Lead singer Damiano David voluntarily underwent a drug test on Monday, as announced, and it was negative, it said.

One regrets the false speculations and that a spirit of “fake news” would have impaired the outcome of the competition.

Rumors of suspected drug use by singer Damiano David have been floating around on social media since Saturday night.

During the show on Sunday night, the camera panned in the direction of the four waiting rockers when the points were awarded when David leaned towards the table top and then jerked his head up again.

The assumption on the Internet: He was coking live on TV

Immediately after the show, the singer said at a press conference that guitarist Thomas Raggi broke a glass.

"I don't take drugs, please don't say that." Later on, the band also announced on Instagram: "We have nothing to hide."