The Tokyo Metropolitan Government announced on the 24th that it has confirmed that 340 new people have been infected with the new coronavirus in Tokyo.

It is the first time since the 12th of last month that the number of confirmed infections per day has reached the 300 level.

There are 79 fewer people than Monday a week ago.

It is the 11th consecutive day below the same day of the previous week.

Tokyo Metropolitan Government The reason for stopping the announcement at 3:00 pm is to reduce the burden on staff, etc.

The Tokyo Metropolitan Government has announced the number of people who have been confirmed to be infected at 3:00 pm every day as "preliminary figures", but from the 24th, it stopped the announcement at 3:00 pm, and one hour and 45 minutes later at 4:00 pm It will be announced in 45 minutes.

Regarding the reason for stopping the announcement of the "preliminary figures" at 3:00 pm, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government cites reduction of the burden on staff.

Specifically, he explained, "The number of tasks has increased due to the spread of mutant viruses and vaccination, and the exhaustion of staff cannot be overlooked, so there is an urgent need to reduce the burden."

In addition, at the stage of preliminary figures at 3:00 pm, the number of tests and the number of people who died were not announced in time, but we will announce these figures at 4:45 pm ..

Information including these figures was announced after 6:00 pm, but it is explained that the announcement of detailed information will be accelerated by including it in the announcement at 4:45 pm.

The Tokyo Metropolitan Government explains, "We would like to make efforts to disseminate information so that the citizens of Tokyo can comprehensively grasp the situation by making a collective announcement."

Governor Koike told reporters, "We adjusted the work contents to make ends meet while the number of staff is limited. As a result, although the time was slightly off, the numbers that had been disjointed so far, etc. I will also tell you all together. "