Actor Lee Kwang-soo got off at'Running Man' today (24th), and a gift prepared by Lee Kwang-soo's mother for her son caught the eye.

Yesterday (23rd), a balloon company posted on Instagram, saying,'Running Man Lee Kwang-soo, thank you for being with us for 11 years.

We revealed the behind-the-scenes of the production by releasing a balloon with the phrase'We support you for the future life.

According to the company, Lee Kwang-soo's mother asked for the production, saying, "I want to make some balloons for my son."

Then, to the question of the company, "What are you preparing for the balloon?", he said, "I quit my job. You can say this, but I'm Running Man Lee Kwang-soo's mother. Kwang-soo got off at Running Man."

The company also uploaded a picture of a balloon with the phrase'I had a hard time, son!' and said, "I can feel your mother's heart with this one word. A surprise gift for your son, isn't it so cool?" I support you."

Lee Kwang-soo, who played an active part in SBS entertainment program'Running Man' for 11 years, is officially alighting after recording today.

Lee Gwang-soo's agency side told the news of getting off last month and said, "Last year, we were continuously undergoing rehabilitation treatment due to injuries caused by accidents, but there were some parts that were difficult to maintain in the best condition during filming. After the accident, after a long discussion with the production crew and agency, we will rearrange our body and mind. I decided to take time," he explained the reason for getting off.

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