Yesterday (22nd) and yesterday, yellow dust originated in the Inner Mongolia plateau and the Gobi Desert in China.

This yellow sand is gradually flowing into Korea through the western wind, and the inland is still showing clean air quality, but yellow sand is also observed in Korea from Baengnyeongdo Island.

In the future, the concentration of fine dust will rise to a bad level today, mainly in the western region.

Also, as the dust accumulates, it can temporarily soar even very bad levels at night.

It is said that the cloudy air will continue until tomorrow, so you should check the air quality well.

Currently, clouds are passing through the sky across the country from time to time. As

more clouds are lifted in front of me, the light of the sky will become clearer.

However, the air will be cloudy, and UV rays will also be strongly exposed through the dust.

In the interior of Yeongnam, where the atmosphere is unstable, a loud shower will pass.

Today's highest temperature for the day is 24 degrees in Seoul, 25 degrees in Daejeon, and 24 degrees in Changwon, a bit lower than yesterday.

Tomorrow, there will be one turbulent rain in many areas across the country, and it will rain in the central north and Yeongseo regions like this in the second half of this week.

(Meteorological caster Tae Bin)