Singer Damiano David of the Italian group Maneskin, which won the Eurovision Song Contest in Rotterdam on Saturday evening, denies having used drugs during the results.

The group writes on Instagram Stories that they are ready to be tested for drugs.

"We are shocked that some people claim that Damiano uses drugs. We are against drugs and have never used cocaine," said the Italian rock group.

"We are ready to be tested because we have nothing to hide. We are here to play our music and are very happy with the Eurovision Song Contest win."

It was suggested on social media that lead singer David would have snorted cocaine during the results, because it appeared on images as if he bent over to the table and snorted.

During the press conference after the music festival, David also emphasized that he had not used drugs during the show.

"I don't do drugs," said the 22-year-old singer.

It is unclear whether the group will actually be tested.

Maneskin received the most points for their song

Zitti E Buoni

during the music competition in Rotterdam on Saturday evening


It is the third time that Italy has won the Eurovision Song Contest.


Win with two grams in the nose!

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