May 19, 2021

Eric Bana does not want to take over the Hulk costume

For Eric Bana, Hulk and superhero movies in general, it's over!

The actor played Doctor Bruce Banner, who transforms into a green, overpowered monster whenever he's angry, in the 2003 adaptation by Ang Lee, but as he revealed to Marc Maron, he didn't. not expected to do it more than once, which suits her very well!

“At the time, we didn't go into a film like that thinking we were going to do more than one.

It just wasn't the plan.

Expectations were not what they are now.

I took it as a one-shot.

That's why I didn't do it again.

It's not the kind of films that interest me, ”he revealed.

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Glastonbury will be able to welcome people in September

Glastonbury will be able to accommodate up to 50,000 people at its Equinox festival next September.

While France is struggling to find volunteers for the reduced-gauge test concert with Indochina, the British are preparing to be able to party with a special edition of their Glastonbury festival.

The Somerset Council has in fact granted a license to the organizers of the festival, under certain conditions: a maximum capacity of 49,999 people (including teams and artists), no camping, and for a duration of only one day.

The future seems to be improving for British music fans.


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